A wedding is the social event where the marriage ceremony is performed. Because weddings are such an important part of someone's life, and (hopefully) only occur once in his or her life, it is especially important to remember good etiquette, and kindness in general.

Unfortunately, according to recent census information, nearly fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. That brings up, what is proper etiquette for a second marriage? Usually there is no formal second wedding ceremony. If there is a ceremony the second time around, it should be stated in the invitation "no gifts, please."

Wedding PreparationsEdit

Traditionally, the bride's mother would arrange the time and location of a wedding.[1] It could not fall on Sundays, during Lent, or on Fridays for Catholics and some Episcopals. After choosing a date, the number of guests would be chosen. This would be done by the bride's mother and groom's mother, while consulting the groom. However, most wedding preparations nowadays are less stringent, and the bride and groom have more say than their parents in where and when the wedding shall be.

Wedding CeremonyEdit

Post-Wedding CelebrationsEdit

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